Can You Eat Subway While Pregnant ?

can you eat subway while pregnant ?


Pregnancy is a time when many women become more conscious about their diet and the foods they eat. Subway is a popular fast-food chain known for its sandwiches, and many pregnant women may wonder if it is safe to eat Subway while pregnant. In this article, we will explore the safety of eating Subway during pregnancy.

The Risks of Eating Subway While Pregnant:

There are a few risks associated with eating Subway while pregnant. The primary concern is the risk of listeria, a type of bacteria that can be found in certain foods.

Listeria can cause a serious infection called listeriosis, which can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, or severe illness in newborn babies.

The Safety of Subway Sandwiches:

The good news is that Subway sandwiches are generally considered safe for pregnant women to eat. Subway uses fresh ingredients and prepares its sandwiches on-site, which reduces the risk of contamination.

Additionally, Subway has strict food safety protocols in place to ensure that its food is safe for consumption.

The Importance of Proper Food Handling:

While Subway sandwiches are generally safe for pregnant women to eat, it is still important to take proper precautions when handling and consuming food. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Wash Your Hands:

Before handling any food, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Choose Safe Fillings:

While Subway offers a wide range of sandwich fillings, there are a few that pregnant women should avoid. Deli meats, such as ham and turkey, can be contaminated with listeria and should be avoided unless they are heated until steaming hot. Raw sprouts, such as alfalfa and clover, can also carry bacteria and should be avoided.

Handle Leftovers Safely:

If you have any leftover Subway sandwiches, be sure to store them in the refrigerator within two hours of purchase. Leftovers should be consumed within three to four days and should be reheated until steaming hot before eating.

Be Mindful of Sodium:

Subway sandwiches can be high in sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure and other health concerns. Pregnant women should be mindful of their sodium intake and opt for lower-sodium options when possible.

Alternative Options:

If you are concerned about the risks of eating Subway while pregnant, there are alternative options available. Here are a few ideas:

Make Your Own Sandwich:

By making your own sandwich at home, you can control the ingredients and ensure that they are safe for consumption. Opt for fresh, high-quality ingredients and be sure to follow proper food handling practices.

Choose Other Fast-Food Chains:

If you are craving fast food, there are other chains that offer safe options for pregnant women. For example, McDonald's offers a range of salads and grilled chicken options that are generally considered safe for consumption.

Visit Sit-Down Restaurants:

Sit-down restaurants typically offer a wider range of menu options, including dishes that are safe for pregnant women. By visiting a sit-down restaurant, you can enjoy a meal that is prepared by trained chefs and made with fresh ingredients.


In general, Subway sandwiches are considered safe for pregnant women to eat. However, it is important to take proper precautions when handling and consuming food to reduce the risk of listeria and other foodborne illnesses.

By following proper food handling practices and being mindful of your sodium intake, you can safely enjoy Subway and other fast-food options during pregnancy. If you have any concerns about your diet during pregnancy,